Different Types of Summer Nighties To Adorn

Nighties are more than just something you wear to sleep. They are pieces of clothing that you wear when both your body and mind have to rest. Women’s nighties signify peace, rest and a stress-free time when you can just allow yourself to relax and drift off to sleep.

Ladies’ nightdresses also allow you to represent your own style and personality. They are no less than any other pieces of clothing. Besides, there are tons of different types of nighties that you can choose from, depending on your style and comfort preferences.

 This summer, keep yourself calm and cool in these different types of nighties:

 1. Lace nighties

If you are someone who loves to get in touch with your femininity, then lace nighties are the perfect summer nighties for you. It doesn’t take a fashionista to know that lace lends a very sexy and feminine look to any clothing, and the same applies to nighties as well. You can go for lace frills at the hem of the nighty as well as the neck, and this will easily transform your entire look. There are some women’s nighties that have lacework on the chest areas as well, which is also a great option. Whatever your style may be, you can never go wrong with lace nighties.


2. Kaftan nighties

Kaftan nighties don’t have a cut shape. They are loose and over-sized, making them very breathable and comfortable for those hot summer nights. The great news is that they are also very popular these days. When it comes to women’s sleepwear, style and comfort are the most important factors, and kaftans tick both of these boxes.

There are two different types of kaftans – gown style and bottom two-paired kaftan. A gown kaftan closely resembles a loose cotton maxi, with the only major difference being the flowing and oversized sleeves kaftans have. On the other hand, bottom two-paired kaftan nighties, as the name suggests, are women’s nighties that come in two pieces.


3. Shirt-style nighties

These types of nighties are great for those women who just love to lounge around in super comfy clothes that they feel like they are almost wearing nothing. Besides, shirt-style nighties are also super fashionable and effortless. These are women’s nighties that resemble a loose, oversized shirt with a collar and buttons that go all the way down on the front. They have long sleeves that come with buttons like any other normal shirt. If you want to go for an effortlessly chic look, then shirt-style nighties are a great option for you.


4. Short one-piece nighties

Short one-piece nighties, as the name suggests, are like short dresses that you can wear to bed. They are extremely comfortable besides looking great on anyone at all. They usually go up to your knees, or a little above it, and their short length makes them perfect as women’s sleepwear for the summer. They also boast of an airy cut that makes them very airy, helping to keep you cool while you sleep.

Additionally, short one-piece nighties have a very feminine design, which is great if you love to wear clothing that helps you express your femininity. They also often come with lace and/or sheer materials. Because of this reason, they are often worn by brides on their wedding night or at their honeymoon. There are tons of designs and patterns you can choose from if you want to sleep in style with these women’s nighties.


5. Oversized t-shirt nighties

If you are someone who puts comfort above everything else, you will be glad to hear that oversized t-shirt nighties are here to save you and help you get a good night’s sleep in the hot summer night. These are, as can be understood from the name, loose and baggy t-shirts that can be considered as dresses. They usually go right above the knee and are extremely comfortable. These t-shirt women’s nighties are also great as loungewear, and you can happily wear them when you have no plans to stay in for the whole day. They are comfortable, airy and come in a range of designs. What more can you ask for?


6. Pleated bodice nighties

Pleated bodice nighties are ideal for those who love traditional-style clothing. These summer nighties can be either long or short, and they have small pleats on the chest area, giving the entire nighty a flare and flowy look. Usually, they come with few buttons on the chest so that you can slip into them easily. While some pleated bodice nighties have full sleeves, some have single straps. The latter may be a better option for you to wear during the summer.

As mentioned before, women’s sleepwear is as important as any other clothing, especially for women who eat, breathe, sleep and live fashion. They help to reflect your style and personality, and these types of nighties mentioned above will help you choose the perfect nighty that suits you while making sure that you don’t have to compromise on comfort and a good night’s sleep.

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