Our Story

Iona Debarge is pictured with a the Iona Debarge shirt in white. She is smiling while at the beach.
Iona Debarge, Founder & Creative Director

I started my sleepwear brand inspired by my mother’s nightwear shop ‘After Dark’ set on Pimlico road, in the 1970’s. I loved being in her shop as a young girl, feeling the softness of her fabrics and I especially loved hearing her stories about Princess Diana who was introduced to the shop by her mother and soon became a regular visitor.

From a young age her passion ignited mine; knowing that I always wanted to do this, we re-visited her patterns and fabrics, which she had kept for me all those years.  What struck me most was the quality of her cotton and that although 30 years had passed her nightwear was softer than ever. With this in mind our aim is to bring the same quality cottons to your home- something you feel wonderful in and which gets softer with time, to treasure and inspire the generations to come.