Factors to Consider when Buying Nightwear Gifts for Men

1. Measurements

When buying nightwear, you cannot afford to get measurements wrong. A tight, body-hugging night dress fails miserably at serving its purpose and can do more harm than good, keeping your man awake during nights. When buying men’s pyjama or any other nightwear for your hubby, go through the size chart to correlate the specific pyjama sizes to different body measurements. If in doubt, consider buying a larger size, as pyjamas serve their purpose only when they are loose-fitted.

2. Fabric


Cotton pajamas are an ideal gift for your loved one and will make his summer even more impressive. Cotton is a natural fiber and is widely used in men’s pajamas. Some USPs of cotton include:

  • Extremely lightweight and breathable.
  • Superior moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Allows the heat to escape the body


Linen is woven from flax fibers. Over the last few years, linen pajamas have gained immense popularity. Because it is loosely woven and promotes cross-ventilation, linen is one of the most popular materials used in men’s loungewear.

Some benefits of linen include:

  • Superior durability
  • Lightweight
  • Superior moisture soaking capabilities
  • Does not stick to the body


Rayon is blended from natural fibers and is often dubbed an affordable alternative to silk. When it comes to affordability, rayon has the upper hand over many other fabrics.

Some advantages of rayon include:

  • Extremely lightweight (even lighter than cotton).
  • Superior durability
  • Gently caresses the skin
  • Excellent moisture absorbing capabilities.


A study shows that wearing wool pajamas to bed can help the wearer sleep better. Researchers believe that merino wool helps the body reach its thermal comfort zone quicker than usual. When this happens, the person can fall asleep faster. Many researchers claim that people who wear woolen pajamas to bed not just fall asleep faster, but also sleep better.

Some major advantages of wool are:

  • Superior breathability
  • Traps air
  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • Provides warmth

Polar fleece

When it comes to keeping the body warm during chilly winter nights, polar fleece is second only to wool. Derived from polyester, polar fleece is one of the most affordable materials used in nightwear.

Some benefits of polar fleece are:

  • Affordability
  • Easily available
  • Does not stick to the skin and is known for its softness.


Silk is, arguably, the most dynamic material. Though silk nightwear is costly, they can be used all year round. During winter, many people prefer full-length pajama sets that not only help regulate body temperature but also look stylish and exquisite.

Some benefits of silk nightwear include:

  • Look classy and elegant
  • Soft on the skin
  • Lightweight and durable (thanks to superior stretchability).
  • Do not wrinkle easily.

Care required

When buying nightwear, enquire about the care required to maintain the apparel. For hassle-free maintenance, opt for machine-washable nightwear. If possible, avoid nightwear with too many washing and other instructions.

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