Our Story

Iona Debarge is a London-based luxury nightwear brand for women and men. Inspired by her mother’s former label, After Dark, Iona had always dreamt of re-establishing the brand for the 21st century.

Drawing on her French heritage, Iona designs classics with a contemporary edge, including beautifully crafted shirts, nightdresses, pyjamas and robes. Combining modern shapes and playful details with the highest quality, she breathes new life into traditional styles.

Natural fibers are central to Iona’s philosophy, and her pieces are handmade in Britain using only the finest European cotton and French lace. Each garment is soft to the touch and easy to care for – perfect for sleeping, relaxing or slipping into on holiday.

Blurring the lines between nightwear and daywear, Iona Debarge is above all effortless wear. With a rich colour palette reminiscent of Mediterranean summers – blue skies, wild flowers and crushed berries – the collection honours the past while looking to the future, bridging the gap between comfort and elegance.