Gifting Guide – Finding the Perfect Pyjamas for Your Loved Ones

July 1st 2019

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Pyjamas are like the comfort food of sleep attire. From models sashing down the runway in the cutest sets in 2018 to the garment even being popularized on Instagram, sleepwear is fast becoming increasingly popular every year because it essentially equates to warmth, snugness, and relaxation.

From luxurious silk set for your better half to a snazzy get-well gift for a best friend, you just can’t go wrong with well-designed pyjamas. So here is a guideline on how you can choose that quintessential perfect pair for your loved one and make their cosy downtime just that much more special.

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

Before you even consider the design and what looks good, think fabric. Which pyjamas fabrics are the best? Selecting sleep attire that feels good is the first step in making your gift unforgettable. Regardless of who you’re gifting it to, you want it to be their go-to choice when it comes to sleepwear. And if they feel good in it, then that’s step one accomplished.

Did you know that the material of sleep attire helps in controlling body temperature at night, and as a result induces better sleep? Here are a few more interesting facts that will help your decision process.

  • Cotton pyjamas – In addition to cotton being soft, easy on the skin and lightweight; it also is one of the most breathable fabrics, so it promotes better air circulation as well. But, cotton pyjamas aren’t the most ideal sleepwear when it comes to insulation and is better suited to warmer weather. However, being a natural fabric, cotton is good at absorbing sweat, so if the person you’re looking to gift the pyjamas for has overactive sweat glands, then you’re on the right path.
  • Silk pyjamas – Great for all types of weather, silk sleepwear is light wear, natural fabric that keeps you warm when you feel cold and vice versa. Having said that, real silk is expensive and if you want to retain the integrity of the fabric, then dry cleaning is the way to go. Plus, silk pyjamas are slippery and shift around during sleep.
  • Flannel pyjamas – When it comes to colder months, this soft sleep attire is ideal. Besides being comfortable and breathable, it will make your loved one feel perfectly warm and snug without making them feel overheated.
  • Linen pyjamas – Unbelievable light, linen is a long-lasting fabric that is manufactured with flax fibers so this sleepwear is very soft and cozy at the same time. However, typically priced on the high side, linen pyjamas are also a bit difficult to source if your loved one requires a plus size.
  • Moisture-wicking pyjamas – Now if one tends to feel warm during slumber or if they tend to sweat, then moisture-wicking sleepwear is the perfect solution. Designed to transfer moisture away from the skin, this sleep attire helps to regulate body temperature.
  • Bamboo pyjamas – Being a natural fabric, bamboo sleepwear feels silky and soft to touch and helps to regulate body temperature because it efficiently absorbs sweat as well. In addition, bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, which means it has anti-bacterial properties so will be the ideal choice if your loved one suffers from any allergies. And since it is 100% biodegradable as well, bamboo pyjamas are the quintessential gift for eco-conscious consumers.
  • Wool and fleece pyjamas – While both these fabrics are perfectly suited to cold climates, wool pyjamas also cause overheating. Plus, since it is not the most skin friendly fabric, this sleep attire might make the skin feel itchy or cause other irritation. Fleece pyjamas, on the other hand, do not promote air circulation so they can feel a tad stuffy and may cause the wearer to sweat.

The Devil’s in the Details

Now that you’ve already probably decided on the perfect fabric of choice for your gift, let us consider the finer details.

  • Fit – Although this might be obvious, it’s worth mentioning because the looser the fit, the more comfortable the pyjamas. Thanks to the excess material, airy sleepwear glides that much more easily around the body during sleep, so is unquestionably the preferred choice as opposed to figure-hugging or tighter fitting pyjamas.
  • Elastic – Before you hit the stores, it is advisable you get your loved one’s measurements beforehand because you also want them to enjoy a comfortable fit around the waist. Waistbands that are tight or even snug will detract from the quality of sleep, and waistbands that are too loose just won’t cut the mustard either.
  • Features – While certain sleep attire might seem a tempting buy because of cute looking buttons, tags or snaps, they don’t make for the best sleep attire because these extra fittings might just irritate the skin or cause itchiness during sleep.

Don’t Forget the Feet!

For a well thought out and fun gift, you might want to consider adding on a pair of socks as well. Since cold feet can lead to fitfulness, a pair of lightweight socks to keep the feet warm will be the perfect compliment to your thoughtfully selected pyjamas, on those cold, wintery nights.

Undoubtedly, pyjamas are an excellent sleepwear solution because they are so very versatile. From the design to the fabric, there is a myriad of choices to select from and if you know exactly the print that your loved one will adore and the type of material that will suit him or her, then you’ve just made your job of choosing the quintessential pair that much easier.

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