6 Different Types of Summer Nighties to Adorn

August 26th 2019

Nighties are more than just something you wear to sleep. They are pieces of clothing that you wear when both your body and mind have to rest. Women’s nighties signify peace, rest and a stress-free time when you can just… Read more

Multi-Purpose Nightwear – 4 Other Uses for Bathrobes

August 26th 2019

Bathrobes may be most commonly used for bundling up yourself after you have a bath, but they have so many other uses. One of the greatest bathrobe benefits is that it is extremely versatile, and can be used for many… Read more

Top Pyjama Materials To Keep You Cool This Summer

August 26th 2019

There is much to like about summer. Summer offers plenty of opportunities to make up for lost time with family.  Frequent trips to the beach help rejuvenate and distress. Summer also gives us an excuse to relish our favorite fresh… Read more

5 Nightwear Gifts To Keep Him Happy

August 26th 2019

The night is the time when we retire to our beds to shrug off stress and fatigue. Health experts around the world believe that the human body needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night to rejuvenate… Read more

The Evolution of Kimonos – When Tradition Becomes Fashion

July 1st 2019

The name Kimono originates from the Japanese word for “clothing,” though, with time, Kimono began to be known as one particular garment traditional to Japan. The kimono is an icon among Asian clothing and is known the world over. The… Read more

Gifting Guide – Finding the Perfect Pyjamas for Your Loved Ones

July 1st 2019

Pyjamas are like the comfort food of sleep attire. From models sashing down the runway in the cutest sets in 2018 to the garment even being popularized on Instagram, sleepwear is fast becoming increasingly popular every year because it essentially… Read more

Meet Frances Gabinsky- The print designer for the exotic palm print pyjamas.

June 17th 2019

Frances shows her talent through the breadth of her stunning prints. Having travelled far and wide she has the ability to draw on rich and varied cultures to create fresh yet sophisticated unique designs for collections all over the world. Growing… Read more

Interview with bestselling nutritional therapist Amelia Freer

August 24th 2018

Not only is Amelia Freer a leading nutritional therapist in the U.K, author of 3 best selling books; ‘Nourish & Glow: The 10 Day Plan’, ‘Cook. Nourish. Glow’ and ‘Eat. Nourish. Glow.’ but A- list clients include Victoria Beckham, Sam Smith and Boy… Read more

Interview with Iraina Mancini DJ, Model, Singer & Songwriter

March 25th 2018

Photographs and film by Georgie Weedon Multi- talented British singer, songwriter, model, DJ and radio host… Iraina Mancini grew up in a musical family where her father, Warren Peace, famously performed and wrote with David Bowie. Influenced by 1960s French cinema… Read more

Recapturing the Magic of Bedtime

March 19th 2018

We go to bed every night. It’s the ultimate routine – whether you take five minutes at the basin to prepare, or favour an elaborate bathing ceremony. Acts we perform repeatedly often lose their appeal, but the reverse is also true; repetition… Read more

Bedtime Reads to Match the Finest Nightwear

February 23rd 2018

You’ve got the pure cotton pyjamas and the crisp white sheets – but what about your bedside table? Is there a teetering pile of unread tomes dating from last Christmas? Or nothing at all, bar an iPhone? If either sounds… Read more

Counting Sheep in a Digital Age: Ten Tips for Restorative Sleep

February 5th 2018

Counting Sheep in a Digital Age: Ten Tips for Restorative Sleep by Madeleine Feeny Good nightwear is all about good sleep, right? But unfortunately – rather like finding true love – the more you fixate on getting those vital eight hours,… Read more

Interview with Lisa Davies

August 4th 2017

Lisa Davies is a multi-award winning therapist, businesswomen and a soul purpose coach. She is chief inspiration officer of Get the Edge a pioneering training, coaching and staff development specialist and is author of ‘Get a Life’ the guide book to help you realize a… Read more

Interview with Roxane Gergaud

December 7th 2016

Interview Founder of Doris & Dicky, Roxane Gergaud has a taste for style, a spirit for adventure and an eye for detail. She uses her talents to handpick the very best boutique and affordable hotels so you can achieve those… Read more

Interview with Serena Foyle

August 2nd 2016

It’s Friday morning in London and I am excited to interview Serena Foyle, a pyro musical producer, whose work has been called a ‘true masterpiece’.  As I am warmly invited into her home, I am struck by her Grace Kelly, softness. Her… Read more